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Hello New Year



This dawn shoot was a little mini-adventure dedicated to greeting the New Year.


Embracing the crisp winter’s air, with sparklers, blankets and a beloved companion. To escape the city lights and see the glow of the sunrise!

It’s so invigorating to tear yourself away from the usual routine. Getting up at the crack of dawn whilst all your friends are still recovering from the night before…¬†Lucy and Billy have always embodied that sort of liveliness to me. I was so pleased they liked the idea for the shoot.

To see people full of the joy of life, and then sharing it together in the unique way that only a couple can, is such a treat. I’ve been lucky enough this year to witness it on many occasions, both personally with some of my most awesome friends, but also through doing photography at some beautiful weddings and with couples out on similar little adventures. Now this New Year, for me, is dedicated to exactly that. Spending more time with lovely people like these and celebrating the good things around us!


Remember to get in touch if you’ve got a wedding this year or would love to celebrate something with fresh, gorgeous photography to reflect the adventure. I’m all yours.

Anyway, scroll on down now and enjoy the fun, scenery and sunshine with these guys!

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